Introducing IlluminArty

Our Brand New Artist's Projector

At MasterPeace we’re passionate about making tools for the contemporary-creative and modern-day maker.

With IlluminArty, you can project photos of your choice onto your canvas, straight from your smartphone, making drawing out your artworks effortless.

Plus, with our easel and timelapse accessories, you’ve got three tools in one, suiting even the most space-conscious crafter.

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How it works

Connect your smartphone to IlluminArty and project a photo onto your canvas, ready to outline. Use the light as a guide to draw out your piece, making sizing and proportion effortless.

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Instantly scale-up any image, from personal photos to sketchbook drawings, ready to paint.

Connects to any mobile, laptop or PC so you can start drawing out your image effortlessly.

Our 180-degree, rotating projection range means you can get creative sat down at your table, or standing at a wall or easel.

Handmade in London

We’re proud to have partnered with artisan craftsman Cameron Jow, founder of Ernest & Cooper woodworks. Handcrafted, each piece features unique variations in the natural wooden grain throughout a classic-meets-contemporary angle-poise frame.

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Three in One

IlluminArty was designed to fit seamlessly into the busy lifestyle of a contemporary creative. With three artist’s tools in one, it’s crafted with space-saving in mind. It’s an artist’s projector, a time-lapsing stand, and an easel – all in one reconfigurable frame.

An Artist's Projector
An Artist's Projector

  • Project photos personal to you, ready to outline
  • Enlarge your hand-drawn sketches without having to use gridlines
  • Design murals up to 1.5m wide – or bigger if you work in sections

A Timelapsing Stand
A Timelapsing Stand

  • The overhead view points your smartphone camera down over your tabletop as you work
  • The upright view points your phone outward to your easel or wall
  • The face-on view points your phone at face-height, great for shooting blogs or live classes

A Tabletop Easel
A Tabletop Easel

  • Effortless to reconfigure your stand into your very own easel
  • A4 & A3 compatible
  • Secure lip holds your board in place

Project onto your table

Create pieces at A3 size working at a distance of 80cm

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Project outward onto a wall

Create pieces at a size of A3 to A0 working at a minimum distance of 80cm or up to 2m if pointing out onto a wall or easel.

Add our Pendant Light accessory

Make your IlluminArty part of the furniture by adding our Pendant Light accessory. By creating art equipment that’s as elegant as furniture, we hope to make it even easier to build creativity into our day-to-day routines, where we want to leave our tools out on display rather than tucked up on a shelf or in the attic!

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