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Mindful Painting

Finding creative flow from home

MasterPeace At Home - Lady Painting

Price: £26+

Duration: 90 mins

Experience: Beginner

MasterPeace is making it easy to paint mindfully at home, even as a total beginner

MasterPeace makes it easy to tap into a state of creative flow from home. Choose from a selection of professional contemporary art works, and we’ll deliver everything you need, straight through your letterbox. With step-by-step guidance, alongside complimentary video tutorials in our app, you’ll complete beautiful personalised works of art, all from home.

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MasterPeace At Home
Choose your MasterPeace

Choose from a curated collection of contemporary art pieces each month, each prepared by a professional artist. They've been tried and tested by beginners to make sure they're easy to follow.

MasterPeace Art Kit
Get Everything you Need

With pre-prepared paint sets and hand selected brushes designed for each piece, as well as pre-sketched canvases, you'll have everything you need to get started right away.

MasterPeace Art Kit
First Class delivery

With free First Class, letter-box friendly, UK delivery, you'll be embarking on your big creative adventure in no time, all from the comfort of home. International delivery available on request.

Artist Support

Watch step-by-step video tutorials in our mobile app, free with each kit, from the original artist themselves!

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What To Expect

A little moment of zen! Whether you’re solo, or surrounded by friends and family, now is the time to invest in your inner landscape. Research shows that even a small amount of creativity can help you cope with stress, anxiety and even the management of depression. So, let’s play!

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