Special Events

Intuitive Art for Writers – with Manuella

Price: £75

Duration: 2 hours

Refreshments: Included

Experience: All

Wed 26th Feb, 7pm. Designed for writers; explore intuitive painting as a tool for tackling writer's block. Hosted by independent artist, writer and spoken word poet, Manuella Mavromichalis. An independent event, hosted at MasterPeace.

With guidance from Manuella, guests will use their intuition to create a personal piece of art followed by an exercise of deciphering the abstract imagery and symbols they have created. Using this insight as stimulus, guests will be spring-boarded into creating a poem or short story.  Absolutely no prior experience in art or writing is required and is suitable for both the beginner and the advanced artist or writer.

Intuitive Art for Writers & Poets is a powerful approach to sensing oneself and tapping into the subconscious, with very rich and often profound results. An excellent way to re-ignite your creativity or for breaking through creative blocks, such as artist’s or writer’s block. It introduces one to an alternative approach to writing, with often rather startling outcomes. The process helps one to bypass the inner critic, to go deeper and uncover one’s unique voice and authentic expression.


About Manuella


Manuella Mavromichalis is an artist, writer, Slam and Spoken Word poet and art educator. She has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Art Education, has exhibited her artwork in the Middle East and recently completed her first novel. She placed 2nd in the Poetry Slam, Cyprus 2019 and has performed her poetry in Athens and Cyprus at literary festivals, poetry conferences and various other events and venues. She has also run Intuitive Art & Storytelling workshops for refugees in Greece, specifically unaccompanied minor girls, giving them an opportunity and platform to be seen and heard and to tell their story. She is especially passionate about working with writers, poets, women and teens.

Please note, MasterPeace is pleased to host Manuella as an external facilitator for this independent event. Manuella is delighted to answer your questions and queries directly, and tickets can be purchased through the link below.