Special Events

Mindful Mondays with Amplify

MasterPeace Art Class

Price: £39

Duration: 90 minutes

Refreshments: Included

Experience: All

Mon 27th Jan, 7pm. New decade, new you! A series of six Mindful Painting experiences, across six Mondays, designed to help you build creativity into your weekly routine. Paired perfectly with complimentary virgin gin & tonics, in partnership with Amplify, so Dry January stays D. R. Y.

Looking to reconnect with your creativity this year? If you want to change your life, you need to change your habits. Studies have shown that by creating new routines, we’re more likely to achieve our goals and dreams.

Help make your intentions a reality with our six-week series ‘Mindful Mondays’, a creative way to tap into habit-making and a creative ‘new you’ for the New Year.

Each week at the studios you can switch off, practice a new skill, and refocus in a guided 90-minute Mindful Painting class. Sessions can be purchased as a one-off, but we would recommend booking the six-week pack, at £199 (£6 off each session).

Includes virgin gin & tonics, in partnership with Amplify, ’tis is the season to detox!