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Responding to Covid 19, Last Updated: 02.11.2020

Updated: 02/11: Covid Policy Summary

  • National Lockdown: National lockdown commences from the 5th Nov until the 2nd December 2020. All in-studio classes scheduled for this period will be postponed until post-lockdown. All guest tokens for this period will be returned to guests’ MasterPeace account and extended for use once the studio is re-opened. Tokens can be exchanged for our At-Home and Online experiences. Your patience and understanding through these complex times is so very appreciated as always.


Updated: 21/10: Covid Policy Summary

  • Tier 2: our classes continue as normal with all guests socially distancing on site. We simply ask that guests book in as individuals or in their bubbles. Our neighbouring restaurants, Morena and Jones Family Kitchen, both offer heated alfresco dining if you’d like to debrief with friends after class.
  • Class capacity: we have reduced our studio capacity from 24 to 12 guests to allow for social distancing. That is a maximum of 6 upstairs and 6 downstairs.
  • Schedule capacity: we have reduced the number of classes per day from 6 to 3 to allow for deep cleaning before sessions
  • Materials: all art materials are brand new, and yours to keep, there are no shared-use items
  • Food & Drink: we have moved from Prosecco to G&Ts to ensure no glass to glass contact. We have moved from grazing platters to individually packaged baked treats to minimise contact.
  • Gowns: we have moved from our cotton kimonos to disposable aprons to minimise contact with fabrics
  • PPE: staff wear plastic visors and / or fabric facemasks as standard
  • Glass dividers: personal, table-top, glass dividers are available on request
  • Temperature checks: available as required
  • UV Light Cleaning: we have introduced UV light treatment for the studio deep clean
  • Private Bookings: guests can hire the studio privately for 4+ members of their own bubble at no extra cost


Covid Policy as at 26th June 2020

To our MasterPeace Community,

Welcome back!

We recommend that all our guests review the guidelines outlined in this document when making a decision about attending one of our classes.

MasterPeace is committed to protecting and caring for the health, physical and mental well-being of our community of guests and staff. We have updated our studio offering in line with the UK government guidelines and legislation surrounding person-to-person interactions and cleaning, in order to respond to the Covid-19 crises.

We  are conscious that local and national restrictions and recommendations are constantly evolving and we will continue to review our health and safety measures accordingly. We’ll do our best to update this document over time to reflect our latest endeavours, but for the most up to date information, give us a call.

Furthermore, as we learn from what works and doesn’t work in the studio, we will adapt accordingly; your input and feedback will be key to this. Please reach out to us at the studio, over the phone or via email with any ideas or observations, we’ll be enormously grateful for your contribution. 

Although we have implemented the following measures, we recommend taking any extra precautions you deem necessary when participating in one of our classes, particularly if you are considered high risk. All guests who do not feel comfortable attending a class at the studio are invites to participate from home, by exchanging existing tokens for our Art Kits with Video Tutorials, more information on that below. 

This is an incredibly challenging time for such a young business, so your support, encouragement and understanding through this period will make the biggest difference in our ability to keep doing what we love – helping our community find creative restoration. 

Thanks for all your support, and wishing you well,


MasterPeace Team


Updates to our Schedule & Class Formats


1.1 Schedule


  • We have reduced our class schedule from 6 classes per day to c.2 classes per day, to allow for sufficient time to sanitize all public spaces and minimise the number of guests flowing through the studio in any one day. 


1.2 Coached Classes – £49pp

  • Our guest capacity is now limited to 8 guests in order to ensure guests can adequately social distance from one another
  • Guests will be spread over our ground floor and mezzanine, with 4 guests around each table
  • Members of the same household/social bubble are permitted to sit together, but must maintain a 2m distance from staff and other guests where possible
  • You will be provided with a ‘Painters Gift Set’ of brand new materials for your class, including brushes, paints, canvas board,  a pallet and more. We encourage you to take these home with you after your class. This means you will not need to touch paint dispensers / communal brushes when participating in our classes etc. 
  • We have moved from an A3 canvas board to an A4 canvas board to make it easier for guests to complete their paintings in one sitting, reducing the potential need for a repeat visit. A3 canvas boards are available for purchase if preferred.
  • Clean up: your instructor will encourage you to wash down your brushes and pallet using a fresh cup of water at your table, drying them off with kitchen roll. We encourage you to wash your artist materials more thoroughly when you get home if required. This is to reduce congestion at our sinks, and to limit the amount of contact for our instructors with your materials. Any unwanted items can be put into our second-hand box, which will be disinfected and then reused by staff after a period of 7 days, to eliminate waste, or recycled.  


1.3 Coached – Private Group Sessions – £40pp (4 person minimum)

  • We want our guests to be able to feel completely at ease in our studio. So, we have launched our Private Group sessions, enabling guests to book exclusive use of one or both floors at the studio. This will ensure guests can relax in the space with friends, families, colleagues – or those in their social bubble. 
  • Sessions will be available to book into daily, for groups of 4, 6 or 8 guests
  • Pricing starts at £40pp but discounts are available for groups of 6 and 8.


1.4 Freestyle – £10pp + Materials

  • You can get creative in the studio independently in between our classes, tuning into your own music and finding your own flow. 
  • Pay £10 to attend and bring your own art materials. Or, if you need brushes, paints, canvas, or even complete Art Kits, these are available for purchase on arrival. We recommend a budget of £10-30 if you are purchasing materials on site. 


1.5 Mini MasterPeace -Private Group Sittings – £40pp (4 person minimum)

  • We’re putting parents in control of who attends their Mini MasterPeace class with your children. 
  • Therefore we are offering Mini MasterPeace sessions on request only, for groups of up to 4 or 8 children, giving parents exclusive use of one or both floors respectively, for their children, their friends or family. 
  • Pricing starts at £40pp but discounts are available for groups of 6 and 8.


1.6 Private 121 Classes – £100pp

  • Available on request for both adults and children, lasting 90 minutes. 


1.7 New ‘Al Fresco’ Classes – £49pp

  • A 90 minute mindful painting experience hosted outside on the Courtyard, making use of the fresh air, and additional space



Changes to Art Materials, Shared Use Items & Areas


2.1 Materials: We have adapted the use of materials in our classes to be single use where you will receive a brand new ‘Artist’s Gift Set’  for guests’ personal use only. This includes an A4 canvas board, brushes, up to 6 individually wrapped paints and more. This can then either be recycled through MasterPeace or kept at the end of your class.

2.2 Projectors: We will still be providing projectors in our Coached Classes which will be disinfected before and after use, along with their cables. 

2.3 Food & Drink: All food and drink on offer will now be individually packaged in order to reduce the contact required. Whilst we previously offered food and drink on an unlimited basis, we have now chosen to offer individually sealed items. You will receive one complimentary drink with each class booking and additional drinks are available for purchase.

2.4 Gowns: For sanitary reasons, we are sadly unable to provide our kimonos until further notice. Optional single use aprons will be available if you wish to use one. 


MasterPeace’s Art Kits


3.1 Art Kits: We are delighted to have launched our ‘Art Kits’ and video classes to support guests wishing to get creative from home.


3.2 Art Kit Contents: The contents of each kit are available to explore on our website, but each kit broadly includes

– Pre-prepared acrylic paint set

– Hand-selected brushes

– Sponge

– Pre-sketched canvas

– Step-by-step written instructions

– A printed image of the chosen motif for reference

– A video tutorial stepping through the piece in our app


3.3 In store and online purchase: Our predefined kits are available for sale both online and in the studio from the 4th July 2020 and can be completed either at home or in the studio as part of our Freestyle or Coached sessions.


3.4 Token exchange: Guests with tokens on their MasterPeace account who do not wish to attend classes in our studio are invited to exchange their token for an Art Kit experience.



What to Expect When You Visit MasterPeace Creative Studios


4.1 Social Distancing 

  • Staff and guests are to avoid direct contact with one another at all times, so no high-fives!
  • We ask that you maintain a 2m distance from one another where possible 


4.2 Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) 

  • Guests are invited to wear their own protective face coverings and any other PPE preferred where appropriate as recommended by the UK government.
  • MasterPeace will also have disposable PPE available for use such as single-use face-masks, aprons and gloves. 
  • It is imperative that all staff and guests wash their hands before, during and after their class for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Where this is not possible, they are invited to use our hand sanitizer provided. 
  • Instructors will wear clear plastic visors, and may choose to wear gloves / fabric masks as prefered
  • Please be kind to our instructors if they gently encourage remind you of spacing, hand washing, or any other social distancing measures – it is for the wellbeing of all our community


4.3 Cleanliness

  • MasterPeace is committed to properly cleaning and sanitizing the studio before, after and between each class, enabled by our new, reduced schedule. 
  • We will use high quality antibacterial cleaning detergents on any high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs at regular intervals, between each class, and at the start and end of each day. 
  • As stated above, we have adapted the use of materials in our classes to minimise the chances of contamination of shared materials, such as paints and paintbrushes.
  • The studio will be ventilated before cleaning using both ventilating fans and opening the outside door to increase air circulation in the space before disinfecting.
  • All materials that do require shared use, such as our projectors, will be sanitized in between classes and allowed to air-dry.
  • All cleaning products will be disposed of appropriately.
  • Cleaning supplies such as disposable paper towels and wipes will also be provided for guest usage.


4.4 Toilet for Guest Use

  • At this time we are waiting to hear for official guidance for the government about regulations surrounding the use of toilets however the toilet on site is available for use where required
  • In the case that you do wish to use these facilities, we ask that guests wipe down the surfaces after use


Updates to Guest Policies


5.1 Tokens Remaining on Accounts

A number of guests have tokens remaining on their accounts either as part of a class bundle or due to class cancellations relating to COVID. Sign in to your account to see how much remains. All tokens will be extended to the 30th  September 2020 and must be used by this date.

Should you have tokens remaining on an account, but you are unwilling or unable to visit us at the studio, you can:

  1. Gift your token on to a friend for use within the valid period
  2. Exchange your token for an Art Kit and video tutorial to complete from home 
  3. Donate your token to our Karma Class initiative, where we offer one free class a week to our local community for guests who could otherwise not afford to benefit from what we do

We are unable to offer refunds, but there are plenty of ways to exchange your token so you can still benefit from the purchase.


5.2 Cancellation Policy

For newly booked classes, our cancellation policy continues to require 24 hours notice for cancellations. If sessions are cancelled with more than 24 hours notice we will return your token onto your account or reassign it to a new class for you as required, to be used within the valid period. If sessions are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unfortunately your class token will not be returned to you. 

We want to make guests aware that all class tokens are non refundable. Once purchased, they must be used on a MasterPeace experience either in the studio or at home. 


5.3 Studio Closures

If we are unable to deliver the service at the Studio, for example, due to a second lockdown, we reserve the right to deliver the service remotely i.e. through a Virtual Class completed over Zoom, alongside an Art Kit that will be sent to you in the post.


5.4 Updated Token Validity 

All newly purchased class tokens will be valid for use within one month of purchasing.


5.5 Instructor Substitutions

As pre-lockdown, we want to reiterate that MasterPeace may substitute instructors out of classes, who will deliver the service on their behalf. This is especially important now, given sickness or exposure.