Our Brand Mission

The best way to explain what MasterPeace is all about, is by sharing the symbolism behind our logo.

The Hamsa

The MasterPeace symbol is a riff from the well-known ‘hamsa’ – often used in jewellery or home decorations. The symbol is of a right-handed open palm, and for generations, people across cultures have used it to ward off evil. Today, the Hamsa represents a force for fostering love, peace, and wellbeing just like MasterPeace.

Work, play, rest

The three middle fingers of the hand symbolise the ideal modus operandi for life, finding balance across work, play and rest. The digit for ‘play’ is most prominent in the symbol, reflecting the intention behind the MasterPeace offering. ‘Play’ is the focus when you step through the doors of the studio.

What does that mean? It means you can let go of any pressure to ‘get it right’ – we’re here to experiment and see what happens. It means you can let yourself off the hook – this is your time to feed your curiosity. It means you don’t need to be ‘productive’ – we’ll help you learn to value what *you* do, whatever that might be.


So: the little finger and thumb. Shaped as paintbrushes, they represent the craft we’ll use to help you tap into your creative, mindful flow. At MasterPeace, we paint using acrylics, which is a really simple medium for beginners, making creativity accessible to all. We’ll show you how to experience the beauty you may have missed, and how you can capture it. As soon as you walk into one of our studios, we’ll have your creative energy stirring, reigniting that flame and giving you everything you need to let it roar.

At the heart of it all

The point where the two paintbrushes intersect is also the central bud of the image. This represents the creative flame that lives within all of us. Sometimes, that flame can be buried beneath our everyday routines. At MasterPeace, we’ll give you the spark you need to bring it back to life. We’ll inspire you to make use of all of your senses.