Our journey on Crowdfunder!


We are delighted that MasterPeace was selected by the NatWest Back Her Business Scheme, supporting female-led start-up enterprises. With NatWest’s support, MasterPeace launched a CrowdFunder campaign on 2nd August 2019. MasterPeace reached its £10,000 target in just seven days, including a £5,000 grant from Natwest, and featured as one of CrowdFunder’s top-ten trending campaigns. MasterPeace went on to reach its stretch target of £15,000 within a few more days. 

We want to extend the warmest, most grateful of thank-you’s to all of our supporters. Your pledges, likes, shares and comments brought us so much pride and encouragement every step of the way. It means the world to us that you value the MasterPeace mission as much as we do, and we hope we do you all proud when we launch in September.

Peace be the journey,
Zena & Georgie, Co Founders