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A Bunny for Easter with Zena El Farra

Price: £25 Pre-Order

Duration: 90 minutes

Experience: Beginner

About your MasterPeace

A little creative treat for kids and adults alike. Recognise this cuddly character? It's never been simpler to recreate him, with our beginner friendly step-by-step guide, alongside all the materials you need.

MasterPeace At Home - Lady Painting
What to Expect
  • 90 minutes of creative respite
  • An experience to share with friends and family, or go solo
  • A final piece as unique as you are. It’s not about the end result matching the artists’, it’s about the happy calm of the painting process
MasterPeace At Home Set Up
What you need at home
  • A cup of water for washing your brushes. Plant pots, old jars, empty tubs, anything will do!
  • A sheet of kitchen roll for drying your brushes
  • Optional: your favourite music playlist, a lit candle, and a few nibbles…all this creativity is hungry work!
Giraffe At Home Kit
What's in the Box
  • Step by step instructions from Zena
  • 1 pre-sketched canvas (8×10)
  • 1 painter’s palette
  • Handpicked acrylic paints and paintbrushes

About the Artist

Hey there! Zena here. I’m no artist, I’ve had the classic city job. Painting for me is like yoga or meditation. It gets me out of my busy head for a minute and helps me focus on the beauty that’s around me. I wanted to share that feeling of flow with all our guests, which is why we created MasterPeace.

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