Heloise O'Keeffe Artist MasterPeace

Heloise O’Keeffe


Heloise is a Fine Artist based in London. She is particularly interested in how women are depicted throughout art and in the art world. Her figure and line drawings explore the movement and expression of the human form. Heloise started her training in Amsterdam before moving back to the UK where she studied the Sight-Size technique at Sarum Studios before attending the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA). See more of Heloise's work on Instagram @heloiseokeeffe

"I am fascinated by human psychology and the beauty of the human form. I love that art is expressive, both in a political sense for evoking change, but also in a spiritual sense for stimulating positivity and mindfulness. I strongly believe that art is something which should be accessible to everyone, especially as a form of mindful meditation.”