Marco MasterPeace Artist

Marco Paolo


Marco is a London based artist specialising in gouache, pencils and watercolours, as well as a make-up artist. See more of Marco's work on Instagram @marcopaoloillustration_

Art has always been about the process of self-discovery and improvement. The process of art always allows me to discover ways of working both technically and emotionally. In the technical sense, I always seek to improve and learn, It’s always a glass half full mentality. Mindfulness and art have always been intertwined in my work, I paint according to the way I feel, I pick topics and subjects that make me feel good, I choose colours that make me feel a certain way and to make the viewers feel a certain way. To me art expresses who I am as an artist and the way I present colour and subjects can give you the essence of me as a person. Lockdown was such an important opportunity for me to reconnect with my inner workings as a person and as an artist. It was great to fall in love with my own art again, and the journey has been so sweet and so enlightening, and I hope that the viewers of my work can feel and experience the creative journey with me.