Shehana Udat MasterPeace Artist

Shehana Udat


Shehana Udat is an artist who is largely inspired by vibrant designs and patterns found all over the world. She has studied under leading specialists in pattern and design and has travelled across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Southern Europe where she finds her inspiration. Her work is also influenced by her curiosity and the beauty that surrounds her. This can be through culture, nature, architecture and textiles. She continues to develop her skills and learn by testing new colour schemes, compositional elements, and techniques. See more of Shehana's work on Instagram @shehanaarts

The benefits of mindfulness are invaluable when it comes to creativity - our consciousness expands, our awareness deepens and from this space we can gain inspiration and vision in our work. Mindfulness can be fuel for artists, and I love helping people connect to themselves and their creativity.