What does Mindfulness mean to MasterPeace?

Lady at MasterPeaceMindfulness is about cultivating a different way of paying attention. It is about really seeing, not just looking. It helps us step out of the narratives we all live inside and return to the present moment. In this place of presence our mind has a chance to rest, to stop its constant chatter. Our ego and all our expectations of ourselves dissolve and we find ourselves in a state of contemplative ‘flow’.

Whilst ‘mindfulness of the breath’ meditation has become a popular form of practise, painting is emerging as an alternative that may be suited to the overstimulated nervous system of the perpetually-active modern person, where sitting in silence for prolonged periods can be especially challenging.

‘[Painting] is a way of inscape from the overloaded switchboard [of life]. It establishes an island of silence, an oasis of undivided attention, an environment to recover in.’ 

– Franck, ‘ The Zen of Seeing’

MasterPeace London Art ClassesPainting what’s in front of you enables guests to really see, not just look, at their image, and in a truly non-judgemental way. The process of repeatedly bringing our focus back to the image has been shown to strengthen our pre-frontal cortex, responsible for decision making, rational thinking, and moderating social behaviour, whilst mediating the amygdala, responsible for emotions like fear (“The Monkey is the Messenger”). 

This helps increase our awareness, ability to introspect, make clearer decisions, and challenge unhelpful thought processes. However, some beginner painters struggle to tap into the restful side of the experience due to the technical complexity involved in the craft. Using our techy-hacks, we help give guests a short-cut to find their flow more easily. We encourage guests not to evaluate their work as “good” or “bad” but to focus on the process and lived experience.

‘So let seeing/drawing be the celebration of experiencing the eye in love, instead of the making of pictures to be framed.’ 

– Franck, ‘ The Zen of Seeing’

Thoughtful man at MasterPeaceA UCL study of 50,000 participants, published in 2019, also showed that creativity can reduce stress and anxiety in 3 main ways: as a ‘distraction tool’ to block out stress (76% of participants); as a ‘self-development tool’ to build up self-esteem and inner strength

(69%); and as a ‘contemplation tool’, to get the headspace to reflect on problems and emotions (53%). These benefits are enhanced  when the creative activity is new to you, engaged in regularly, and involves face-to-face social interaction (rather than virtual).

So, why not try one of our Mindful Painting experiences, and let MasterPeace help you find your creative flow!

Peace be the journey,
The MasterPeace Team